LifeHammer® - The Original Auto Escape Tool
LifeHammer® - The Original Auto Escape Tool
LifeHammer® - The Original Auto Escape Tool
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Product - Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I need a LifeHammer if I don't live near water?
Not all accidents happen near water. Entrapment occurs in many types of accidents on any type of road.

How big is LifeHammer?
LifeHammer weighs 4.9 ounces with the bracket and is 6.75 inches in length.

Where do I attach LifeHammer in my car?
The durable and lightweight plastic mounting can be easily attached to the vehicle console or carpet without causing any damage. LifeHammer must be attached within reaching distance.

How do I attach LifeHammer to my car?
We recommend that LifeHammer is professionally installed so as not to damage any electrical wiring or the interior of your car.

Is LifeHammer included with a device to attach it to the inside of your car, such as velcro?
No, we do not include any device to attach LifeHammer to the inside of your car only because we recommend that LifeHammer be professionally installed.

How do I find LifeHammer in the dark?
A luminescent pin on the holder ensures that LifeHammer can always be located, even in the dark.

Does LifeHammer come with a warranty?
No, LifeHammer does not come with a warranty.

Will my LifeHammer break the front or rear windshield?
Breaking the front and rear windshield is difficult, dangerous, and will take longer. LifeHammer is designed for a quick and safe escape, and the side windows are the only recommended route of escape.

LifeHammer costs more than some other similar car escape products. Why?
LifeHammer is made with the highest quality materials, with safety, not profit, as priority.

I already have the Centerpunch. What are the additional features of LifeHammer?
The Centerpunch, unlike LifeHammer, is not equipped to cut through jammed seatbelts. Being prepared for any emergency situation is the wiser choice.
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