LifeHammer® - The Original Auto Escape Tool
LifeHammer® - The Original Auto Escape Tool
LifeHammer® - The Original Auto Escape Tool
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After an accident, seat belt releases, doors, or windows may become jammed or inaccessible. In this situation, the very devices designed to protect your life may threaten to endanger it.

Be prepared for the unexpected - keep a LifeHammer in your car at all times.

*Only use LifeHammer in an emergency escape situation. LifeHammer is designed for this purpose only. The effectiveness of the blade is proven as a one-time use only. The head can be reused many times, but should be inspected after every use.

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Installation Instructions:
  1. Choose a convenient location on the driver's console, easily reached by all front-seat passengers.
  2. Take LifeHammer out of its mounting.
  3. Attach the mounting to the console or carpet with the hammer side up, using double-sided tape,
    duct tape, or velcro.
  4. 4. Replace LifeHammer in its mounting. It is now ready to be used in case of an emergency.
Seek assistance from a certified technician before using screws to install LifeHammer -- this could damage the vehicle's electrical wiring. LifeHammer is light enough to adhere easily with tape or velcro to all automobile interiors.

Once installed, LifeHammer is ready to be used in an emergency. LifeHammer is most effective when installed as directed. Do not leave LifeHammer in the trunk or glove compartment, and keep out of reach of young children. Teach older children to use LifeHammer - the tool is safe and easy to use.

Using LifeHammer:

When seconds count and you must escape from a sinking or burning vehicle...
LOCATE LifeHammer by looking for its luminescent pin.
Hold LifeHammer by the easy-grip handle, with the hammer head pointing up.

RELEASE the tightness of your seatbelt as much as possible, hook the seatbelt into the blade, and pull up/down, continuing to pull as the blade cuts through the belt.
Release other passengers, small children first, from their restraints.

SMASH a side window by swinging LifeHammer overhand, like a household hammer. One or two strikes should shatter the glass. Any of the two heads of the hammer can be used for this purpose.

SHEILD your eyes and face from the glass, and instruct others to do the same. Still using LifeHammer, scrape the remaining glass from the window edges.

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