LifeHammer® - The Original Auto Escape Tool
LifeHammer® - The Original Auto Escape Tool
LifeHammer® - The Original Auto Escape Tool
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If you have a story to tell or any comments regarding LifeHammer, feel free to write us a letter. Send all letters to:

718 East Mason Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93103

We enjoy hearing your comments and real-life stories and would like to share them with others. We thank you for your time and value your feedback on our life-saving products.

Please feel free to also contact us by phone at (866) 343-8688 or by email at .

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"I am anxious to have your wonderful product. God Bless the young man who invented it. My son saw him demonstrating it at a trade show."
~ Anonymous

"My daughter-in-law, Jo Ann, was quite pleased when she received your excellent product, the "LifeHammer". Because I think this product is extremely important as a safety tool in an automobile, I also purchased a "LifeHammer" for myself and my other daughter-in-law, Dana. Your product would be useful to anyone who travels in an automobile, especially in areas where there are many lakes and canals, such as Florida."
~ Bernie Payson

"Please make a news statement about your product today. Yesterday, in Florida, a woman in a BMW ended up in water, called 911, the news last night aired her call. She was sinking in the water and asking the 911 operators what could she do to get out of the car. The operator kept telling her to be calm and where are you? Had this woman had a LifeHammer or similar tool, she most likely would have survived. She ended up drowning.

I called the 1-800-463-6611 number and informed the operator to contact her supervisor and try to get on the news............this product should be standard equipment in every car. You should also contact all car manufacturers to be the supplier for their cars and make this standard equipment. Good luck. I'd love to hear from you. So far I've contacted all the TV and radio stations in our area.

I have three children and the reason I bought this tool was to make sure as a responsible parent using a vehicle to transport my children and others, that I have the tools available to insure our Europe a fire extinguisher and a tool like yours is standard equipment."
~ Brenda Blaschke

"...I noticed the LifeHammer and thought it was something that every vehicle should be equipped with. I have two grandchildren who are driving now (a 16 year old grandson and a 19 year old granddaughter who is about to return to college in Northern California). I showed the ad to my daughter and son-in-law to get their reaction. They loved it and thought it would be a great Christmas present for each of our family members."
~ Nancy L. Smith
  Huntington Beach, CA
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